Dr. Bernstein, June

In memorium

June Bernstein, Ph.D., Cert. Psya., NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst,

Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology, 1981.
Cert. Psya., Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, 1981.

Personal Statement
Psychoanalysis was a late calling for me. I arrived at the Center for Modern Psychoanalysis in my forties and found it fit wonderfully with my interests in literature, education, myths, the uncanny, and trying to make sense of myself and other people. As a former school teacher and the mother of two children I was intrigued by the notion that one did not attempt to teach anything to a person who was not ready to learn - resistance took precedence over content. I continue to be interested in how theory and technique intersect. Most of my papers have been on this topic, including the first, which was a tongue in cheek advisory on how to be a successful patient by knowing the theoretical perspective of your analyst.

Comparisons between modern psychoanalysis and other schools of thought; Theory as it affects technique; Manifestations of the unconscious in dreams, symbolic acts, myth and literature; Freud.

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