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Speaker’s Bureau

BGSP faculty and advanced candidates are available to speak on a variety of topics of interest to mental health and human service professionals, educators, business people, as well as graduate and undergraduate classes, and other groups. Topics presented include:

• Working with resistance
• The difficult patient (or boss or employee)
• Introduction to modern psychoanalysis
• Working with dreams
• Is it always ADD?
• Overcoming anxiety
• Using the countertransference
• Working with groups
• Working with schizophrenia
• The action prone patient
• Adolescent depression

and many other topics. Contact: Jane Snyder, Ph.D.,

A special case presentation program has been organized for undergraduate and graduate classes in theories of psychotherapy, abnormal psychology, or personality theory to illustrate the psychoanalytic approach to treatment and understanding of character and psychopathology. Contact: Linda Sklar, Cert.Psya.,