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2012/2013 Fall & Winter Events
Friday, October 19th, 7PM: Dr. Mary Shepherd, The Patient who Didn't Say Anything
Friday, October 26th, 7PM: Modern Psychoanalysis Talks about the Movies: The Hunger Games
Friday, November 9th, 7PM: Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Daily Dilemmas of Social Service and Mental Health Practitioners
Friday, December 7th, 7PM: Dr. Steven Reisner, Suffering is Not an Illness: Colonialism and Countertransference in the Treatment of Trauma
Saturday, December 8th, 1PM: Dr. Stephen Soldz, Psychologists, Torture, and National Security
Friday, January 11th, 7PM: Dr. Barry Waterson, Applying Modern Psychoanalysis to Patients Seeking Short-Term Therapy
Thursday, January 17th, 7PM: Dr. Eugene Goldwater, Dealing with Difficult People: A Therapeutic Approach
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Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Daily Dilemmas of Social Service
and Mental Health Practitioners


Frontline mental health workers deal with the most challenging cases often in systems with decreased support, increased caseloads, paperwork, and budget cuts. What would it take to work successfully with these patients?  What kind of support from the system do caregivers need to work effectively?

These questions will be addressed through case presentations and discussion by BGSP faculty supervisors and conference participants. Presentations will address working with psychosis in a group home setting, outreach work with complicated cases, and working with violent or impulse-disordered adolescents. Afternoon workshops will offer an opportunity for participants to bring up their own clinical dilemmas.

Friday, November 9, 2012 9:00 am - 3:00 pm*

Lynn Perlman, Ph.D., Supervisor and Training Analyst and Dean of Graduate Studies at BGSP, has been in practice for over 35 years. She has special interests in fear of women, pregnancy,
pre-oedipal issues, and group process.

Mary Shepherd, Psya. D., Supervisor and Training Analyst at BGSP. For over 25 years she directed the Field work training program where students learn how to work analytically with very dii cult patients.

Jane Snyder, Ph.D., Supervisor and Training Analyst and President of BGSP, has worked in the field for 30 years, including hospital and clinic settings. She has worked with the full range of emotional disorders and has written about the action-oriented patient and family
and adolescent violence.

Joan White, Psya.D., Supervisor and Training Analyst and Director of BGSP Therapy Center, was a supervisor for 20 years in a community health center where she also started a school based clinic. She has extensive experience with trauma victims.


* For those interested there will be an Informational Open House, following the event, at 4:00 pm.


Participants will:

  1. Describe the dynamics of emotional contagion and apply this to case understanding.
  2. Assess the variables of out of office environment and discuss a new frame in which to understand case dynamics.
  3. List two possible meanings of action in the dynamics of a case.
  4. Identify stressors in your work and list possible ways to address them.