Max Cavallaro

Upon receiving his Master’s in psychoanalysis at BGSP, Dr. Cavallaro immediately started working at Westwood Lodge Hospital in the partial day programs. His job as a clinician and case manager gave him the opportunity to work individually and in groups with adolescents and their families. “This was my first experience doing any clinical work and I was able to be very effective by using the modern psychoanalytic techniques that I learned in the Master’s program.”

Dr. Cavallaro found that besides working in the transference (analyzing the dynamics of what was happening between him and the patients), he also took the modern psychoanalytic approach of trying to understand rather than change or judge people’s behaviors and attitudes. “As a result of this, I found that the patients were able to express themselves more freely and take more constructive actions.”

His private practice started by accident when the patients in the hospital requested to continue to see him as their therapist, once the left the partial program. “Many of the patients felt helped by the group therapy and one day several teenagers asked me if I would start a weekly group so that they could continue the work that they had started in the partial. I started that group and started to see more patients eventually getting my own office, and now work part-time at the hospital and the rest of the time in private practice.” Dr. Cavallaro is a graduate of the doctorate program at BGSP.