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2010 Spring Gala

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a Gala Sponsor, you have the opportunity to post your personal message or advertisement in the Gala Program.

To advertise or send a personal greeting to BGSP or our Guest of Honor, Dr. Laquercia, please select a size and submit your message or business card to be printed in the Gala Program.  The Program will be distributed to about 250 guests on Saturday, May 15, 2010. 

Messages and advertisements may be submitted in hard copy or by email in Microsoft Word.  Please make your check payable to BGSP and return to Ms. Stephanie Woolbert ( by April 23, 2010 to ensure publication in the Program.

Sizes and prices:

______ Full page, 7 ½” wide x 10” high, $150

______ Half page, 7 ½” wide x 4 ½” high, $75

______ Quarter page, 3 ½” wide x 4 ½” high, $50

______ Business card, $25