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Sunday Film & Brunch Series

"Marriage and Family on Film"

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This four-film series serves as an introduction to the "Marriage and Family One-Semester Program" to be offered in Spring 2009. Film presentations are preceded by a light brunch and followed by group discussion led by CMPS and NYGSP faculty members. Sundays at noon. <>Free to the public.

<>THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, written and directed by Noah Baumbach, stars Laura Linney and Jeff Daniels. This drama depicts the disintegration of a marriage and shows how it affects and transforms each member of the couple and their two children. Dr. Sara Sheftel. <>Sept. 21st, Noon

<>IN TREATMENT, HBO's popular and controversial show, revolves around Dr. Paul Watson (Gabriel Byrne). Using a segment of a session of Amy and Jake (portrayed by Embeth Davidtz and Josh Charles), the seminar compares and contrasts the therapeutic approach of the fictional Dr. Watson to that of modern psychoanalysis. Dr. Eugene Kalin. <>Oct. 19th, Noon

<>SOAP DISH, a film directed by Michael Hoffman, is a comic farce starring Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robert Downey Jr. Following Freud's belief that the goal of analysis is to help individuals be successful in love and in work, this delightful film illustrates the many possible resistances to achieving this goal. Dr. Dolores and Mr. Robert Welber. <>Nov 16th, Noon

<>LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, 2007 Oscar nominated film written by Nancy Oliver (from HBO's psychoanalytically savvy Six Feet Under), traces the development of an isolated young man whose early abandonment conflicts are suddenly re-aroused. Lars grapples with disavowed feelings of pain and loneliness with the help of an entire community that metaphorically represents both family and treatment. The story affirms the power and necessity of family in the maturation process. Dr. Barbara D'Amato. <>Jan 19th, 2009, Noon