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Master of Arts Degrees


Program Overview
The Master’s and Doctor of Psychoanalysis (Psya.D.) programs in Psychoanalysis & Culture offer students a cutting edge curriculum and  prepare them through interdisciplinary study for scholarly research, teaching or augmentation of professional practice.   While social scientists and scholars in humanities and cultural studies are becoming increasingly interested in the psychoanalysis of culture and in the cultural analysis of psychoanalysis, very few institutions of higher education provide an arena for such interdisplinary undertaking.  This program, the first of its kind in the United States, has emerged to fill the gap in the academy for such critical pursuits.  Its distinct mission is to promote systematic dialogue between psychoanalysis, critical social theory, and cultural analysis. 

Core and elective courses provide a solid foundation in theory and methods needed for the systematic integration of psychoanalysis, critical social theory, and cultural studies.   The distinctive character of the program is its emphasis on crafting new theoretical and methodological links between psychoanalysis, the social sciences, the humanities, and cultural studies and applying an interdisciplinary lens to psychological and cultural phenomena.

Degree Requirements
The M. A. degree is available to students admitted to study for the Psya.D. who desire the additional research or practical experience that preparation of a Master's thesis or Master’s paper would provide. Students do not need to have completed a Master's degree prior to applying to the Psya.D. program nor do they need to complete a Master's degree as part of their study for the Psya.D.  A Master’s degree is granted, however, usually sometime after the second year, and after the student has completed  48 credit hours , 15 core and elective courses in psychoanalysis, culture, and research sequence including two semesters of practicum, and has written a Master’s thesis or Master’s paper.

Research Projects
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