Brigitte Zakari (2005) The Role of Resistance in the Development of the Narcissistic Transference

The purpose of this research is to study the role of the resistance in the development of the narcissistic transference when working with psychotic patients. The study examines the psychoanalytic view of what has been referred to as narcissistic transference across different theoretical perspectives, including Modern Psychoanalysis. A principle aim of this study is to trace the development of narcissistic transference in three institutionalized patients, living in a group home. The author emphasizes different themes that were repeated in the individual sessions with the patients, such as: sexualized transference towards the therapist, power and dominance issues, negative transference, complaints to the therapist, merger, relationship to God and apocalyptic thoughts, omnipotence as a defense, and treatment destructive resistances.

It is hoped that this study will lead to a clearer understanding of the meaning and the difficulties of working with psychotic patients, the role of the narcissistic transference and resistance in their treatment.