Carl Fulwiler, M.D., Ph.D., Core Faculty, BGSP

Contact information
(617) 971-3254

Personal Statement
Director of Clinical Neuroscience Service at Shattuck Hospital where he also operates outpatient programs for people with mental illness involved in the criminal justice system.

The relationship between mental illness and violence, individual differences in the effects of alcohol on aggression, and the use of MRI imaging to study neural correlates of aggression in people with mental illness.

(2003) Fulwiler, C., Benjamin , B., Scott, T., Bhadelia, R., Patz, S.: Preliminary morphometric study of amygdala volume in relation to impulsive-aggressive traits in psychiatric patients (Abstract). Biological Psychiatry 53(supplement 8):90S-91S
(2001) Fulwiler, C., Eckstine, J., Kalsy, S.: An exploratory study of serotonin function and personality traits in alcohol-enhanced aggression (Abstract). Biological Psychiatry 49(supplement 8):87S
(2001) Mackin, R. and Fulwiler, C.: A public health-juvenile justice collaboration to address the psychiatric needs of incarcerated juveniles, The Organizational Response to Social Problems 8:335-361
(1999) Fulwiler, C.: Treatment of aggression with Divalproex in unusual presentations of bipolar disorder, Psychline: Inter-Transdisciplinary Journal of Mental Health 3(1):35-37
(1999) Fulwiler, C. and Ruthazer, R.: Premorbid risk factors for violence in mental illness, Comprehensive Psychiatry 40(2):96-100
(1997) Fulwiler, C., Grossman, H., Cooper Forbes, C., Ruthazer, R.: Early-onset substance abuse and community violence by outpatients with chronic mental illness, Psychiatric Services 48:1181-1186
(1997) Fulwiler, C., Forbes, C. Santangelo, S. and Folstein, M.F.: Self-mutilation and suicide attempt: Distinguishing features in prisoners, Journal of the American Academy of Law and Psychiatry, 25:69-77

Current classes taught
PT 161 History of Libido Theory