Dolores Welber, Ph.D., Cert. Psya., NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst, Educational Advisement, NYGSP, Faculty, NYGSP

Personal Statement
My interest in acting and the theatre led me to New York and to becoming a psychoanalyst. As an actor, I was captivated by the study of character.  I was fascinated by the complexity and depth of the human psyche. What led to character development? This is what I wanted to uncover and understand. This led to my own analysis and subsequently my interest in becoming a psychoanalyst. My training at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies in New York prepared me for what has become my life’s work.

In 1971 my husband (Robert Welber) and I founded the Studio School in New York City. Our school pioneered the use of a modern psychoanalytic perspective in the education of children, integrating emotion and intellect in the learning process. In 1975 I created the first modern analytic mothers group at the Studio School. Working with parents and children provided further opportunities to research the development of character.

How do we become who we are? Are we the people we want to be? Psychoanalysis provides me with a way to understand character development and to work with those who want to make different choices for their lives.

Dr. Welber is a faculty member, training analyst, supervisor, and Director of Advisement at CMPS. She is a certified and licensed psychoanalyst in NYS and Vermont working with individuals, educators, and groups.

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