Jane Snyder, Ph.D., Cert. Psya., President, Professor, BGSP

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(617) 232-8026

Personal Statement
I have had a longstanding interest in symbolic communication and emotional development pursued first through my studies in literature, later in my doctoral studies in developmental psychology in which I studied children's creative use of language. I trained in clinical work with children and families, and entered psychoanalytic training in order to learn more about working with unconscious dynamics, my own as well as my patients. I have been studying ever since. I have enjoyed writing and doing research on particular issues in treatment, such as enactment in the transference, adolescent aggression and sexuality, perversions, and symbolic communication. I have also done research and writing in the area of family violence and was a co-director of the Institute for the Study of Violence, now the program in Psychoanalysis and Culture. I also have a strong interest in manifestations of the libidinal drive, and have written on marriage and creativity. I find psychoanalysis to be an endlessly fascinating field in which to work, the most in-depth approach to understanding another person and freeing them of self destructive patterns and the most comprehensive approach to researching what makes a person tick.

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