Lynn Laub, Psy.D., MSW, Cert. Psya., NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst, Part-time Faculty, NYGSP

Personal Statement

I arrived at the Spotnitz lectures and began the process of discovering my emotional life and how it led to my decisions. This discovery yielded parts of myself I did not know existed - the development of my intuition; of my creativity and my emotion intelligence. This led me to the doors of CMPS where the cognitive understanding of my emotional life began.

My internship at Creedmore State Mental Hospital furthered my journey into the unconscious and deepend my conviction of emotional life and its connection to the mind and the body. Writing a paper on the "Symbolic Communication of a Paranoid Schizophrenic Woman" sent me well on my way to becoming an analyst.

Upon graduation, CMPS invited me to become part of the faculty where I began teaching courses in Maturation - Adulthood, Adolescence and Latency.

Along with the above mentioned paper which was published in the Journal of Modern Psychoanalysis, I wrote "The Narcissistic Defense - A Protection for Marriage" and recently published a paper in 2007 on "Intuitive Listening".

Today I have a private practice at 15 W. 12th St. in NYC, teach and supervise at CMPS and NYGSP and lecture on "Intuition", "Creativity" and "Symbolic Communication".


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