Maureen Ryan, Ed.M., Cert. Psya., Adjunct Faculty, BGSP

Contact information
(508) 655-3119

Personal Statement
I became interested in analysis while teaching in elementary and middle schools, and pursuing a Masters in Education at Harvard. My teaching expanded to include adults when I spent a decade teaching in the corporate world. My passion for analysis connects with a deep interest in creativity and chaos and the interaction between them, especially as expressed in poetry and visual art. Artistically I work in collage to explore these themes.

I have completed the class work for the doctoral program at VGSP, a branch of BGSP, and am working on the doctoral thesis: a psychoanalytic study of the parenting program, "Parenting through Divorce: Supporting the Child." I helped secure this state-mandated program to the Graduate School.

Demands and Threats in the Clinical Session: A Study of the Work of Klein, Kernberg and Kohut
Black Void: Life or Death Masquerading as Pathological Mourning

Current classes taught
PT 151 Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts