Nigel Mackay, Ph.D., Visiting Research Faculty, BGSP

Personal Statement
After a varied pre-university career that included schools in Kenya, England, Scotland, and Swaziland, Nigel went to the University of Cape Town where he took a B.Sc and M.Sc in Psychology, then to Oxford from where he got a D.Phil. He came to Australia in 1977, tutored and lectured in psychology at Macquarie University, worked as a child psychologist for the New South Wales Department of Health, and since 1985 has been a lecturer then senior lecturer at Wollongong.
His research interests are primarily theoretical and metatheoretical, on the conceptual foundations of psychology and on psychological explanation. His intellectual direction has been formed by a perverse urge to swim against the stream of orthodoxy: thus he has an increasing conviction of the value of Australian realism to psychological theory, and an abiding interest in psychoanalysis.

Currently he is writing on the concept of meaning as it is (mis)used in various psychologies. He has projects with colleagues on psychoanalytic theory and psychobiography, and has projects with students on cognitive concepts of disorder, and on the use of intention-behaviour models in applied psychology. as well as a range of others from empirical psychoanalytic studies to studies of clients in cognitive therapeutic programs.