Master of Arts in Social Justice
and Human Rights

Social Justice and Human Rights Copy

  • Fundamental principles of social justice and human rights
  • Analysis of social structures and their influence on individuals, groups, and communities
  • Ethical practices in social change and human rights advocacy
  • Transformative communications strategies
  • Social change and leadership strategies
  • Research methods and approaches for social change
  • Important concepts of individual and group psychodynamics, including:
    • How the unconscious influences social behavior
    • How social change initiatives can be strengthened by recognizing unacknowledged conflicts
    • How dealing with these group and organizational dynamics can help facilitate change
  • Small inter-disciplinary seminars
  • You will engage in two semesters of research methods for social justice to provide skills important to employers, including needs assessment, program evaluation, and research analysis
  • Invited lectures by distinguished scholars and activists complement classroom learning
  • Participation in, and study of, the dynamics of an experiential group will teach you to understand and manage group dynamics
  • A year of internship in an organization promoting social justice or human rights provides hands-on experience in social change and organizational dynamics
  • A final master’s project will create a work sample to bring to your next job, such as a research paper a proposal for a pilot program, a grant proposal, or an advocacy project such as an educational video or documentary film
  • A year-long Integrative Seminar will bring together the varied aspects of the program
  • The program is designed for:
    • Recent college graduates seeking jobs furthering social change
    • Individuals who are already working in social change but seeking further education
    • People looking for a career change
    • Others looking to resolve resistances to social justice
  • Prepare to be an effective change agent in social justice or human rights organizations, including the nonprofit, government, and policy realms as well as in grass-roots organizations and movements
  • The introduction of relevant psychoanalytic concepts enhances your understanding of unconscious dynamics, giving you additional skills for:
    • Recognizing and managing group dynamics
    • Comprehending and dealing with resistance to change
  • You’ll engage in an experiential group each semester and take a didactic class in group dynamics to integrate listening and intervention skills for social practitioners
  • Courses and electives offer you the opportunity to integrate social change and psychodynamic thought in various content areas, such as peace studies, trauma, racial oppression, and gender
  • An integrative seminar helps pull the practical and theoretical work together
  • Social change efforts and psychoanalysis share fundamental values and tools, including:
    • The furtherance of human freedom for individuals, communities and societies
    • A commitment to the seeking of truth
    • Talk, listening, and thoughtful reflection as a way of creating a capacity for constructive action
  • By supplementing traditional social change efforts with psychodynamic learning, this program helps practitioners translate these values into change efforts, and develop needed tools to address obstacles to successful advocacy and activism
  • Yes
  • Students entering the the program in the Fall of 2017 are eligible for the Pioneer Scholarship for Social Justice
  • Award amounts will be up to 50% of course tuition
  • Renewable for up to three additional semesters (2 years total)
  • Details available on our Financial Aid page


Social Justice and Human Rights Copy

Social Justice and Human Rights Copy

Social Justice and Human Rights Copy




Social Justice and Human Rights Copy

Stephen Soldz, Ph.D.
The program is led by Stephen Soldz, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert and media resource on these subjects for CNN, NPR, the New York Times and Washington Post and a variety of international media outlets.

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