Item 11

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Sandra Mayo
Fragmented Pain, Fragmented Justice, 2017

Printed and waxed paper, tea bags and strings on Mylar
30” x 40”
$2,495 SOLD

“My memories of living in Argentina through this dark period (1976-1983) inspired me to focus my art on such traumatic circumstances. In 2016, I was fortunate to meet Sara Russ and hear her testimony. Sara is a Jewish Holocaust survivor, who migrated to Argentina in 1945. Sara’s son Daniel disappeared in the Dirty War.  I also was inspired by Ruth Paradeis’ autobiography, De Auschwitz al Olimpo. Her book describes her escape from Germany to Argentina in 1939 leaving all her family behind all of who perished in the Holocaust. Ruth’s son Marcelo, her daughter-in-law Claudia, and many of their friends also disappeared in the Dirty War. Neither Sara nor Ruth has been able to find any information of what actually happened to their children. They never either found what happened to their loved ones lost in the Holocaust. How both managed to survive these tragedies is as much a mystery as a testimony of hope and resilience. Sara’s and Ruth’s stories are the motivation for these pieces.”