Item 8

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Suzanne M. Hoffman
From Stormy Seas to Hope in the Unknown, 2017

Oil Pigments and Cold Wax on Paper
21” x 17 1/4” Diptych

“For the past several months, I have found my work reflecting the pain I feel about the state of the world.  The images for the Aleppo series (Leaving Aleppo and From Stormy Seas to Hope in the Unknown) came unbidden. As I worked with the pigments and wax, I began to see in the paint a parade of women in burkas, burning houses, a storm at sea, the movements of immigrants toward something unknown.  Immigrant stories are all of our stories–finding safety, finding ourselves, protecting our children, holding memory, fear, hope, determination, inching forward as best we can.  I feel blessed that these images have come to me in this challenging time.”